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Lighting is one of the most vital design elements of your home. Whether it is for a brand new home or to simply replace and upgrade existing interior and exterior lighting, we can provide unique and aesthetic fixtures and designs to tastefully accent any type of décor in your home. We have an expansive selection of exquisite wall and ceiling lights, elegant chandeliers, alluring outdoor lights, and high-quality electrical lighting accessories for homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, beauty salons, and outdoor areas. The right lighting can set the mood, create ambiance, or subtly enhance the elegance of any room.

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Spark-off a profusion of emotions, with our stunning collection of lighting fixtures and designs. Our eye-catching product range ignites an aura of grandeur, sparkle, or enchantment, depending on what ambiance you desire for each space in your home, office, or outdoor garden area. With a host of irresistible designs, decorative accents, and variations in shades and finishes available, the creative possibilities are endless.

Chandeliers are typically known for their grand status in the lighting world, and are often the centerpiece or focal point of a dining room or lobby.

Transform your design elements into a master piece with these tips. Choose wisely to save your energy saving lighting solutions.

Ceiling Lights
  • LED lights can replace halogen bulbs in recessed lighting fixtures.
  • They fit a variety of fixtures, including baffle and eyeball trim.

TIP: Use a bright white color temperature for kitchens, and choose a softer, warmer light temperature for living spaces.

DID YOU KNOW? LED lights reduce heat output.

Pendant Lights
  • These are permanently affixed to the ceiling, casting light downward.
  • Pendant lights provide focused task lighting for counter tops and bars, but they also allow ambient light to fill the surrounding area.

TIP: As a rule of thumb, ensure your pendant light has a 30 to 36 inch clearance above counter tops or tables.

Table Lamps
  • Nearly any table lamp bulb can easily be replaced with an LED bulb.
  • Typical bulb wattages are equivalent to LED wattages.
  • LED bulb come in a variety of colors and temperatures to suit your desired ambiance.

TIPS: Choose warm, softer LEDs creates a cozy feel.

DID YOU KNOW? The average lifespan of an LED bulb is 50,000 hours. Compare that with a regular incandescent bulb’s lifespan of a mere 1,200 hours! Assuming there are 25 LED bulbs per household, you could enjoy $6,670 in energy saving.

Floor Lamps
  • This flexible option can be moved where ever light is needed.
  • Some floor lamp lights become transitional when used with a dimmable LED replacement bulb.

TIP: Lamps for reading should be cooler, sightly brighter, and dimmable.

TV / Entertainment Center
  • Decorative LED lighting placed strategically behind and entertainment center can add a new ambiance to your room.
  • Use colored or color-changing LED strips or directional lighting to illuminate walls or compartments.

TIP: Installing bulbs that are not visible behind entertainment solutions reduces glare in the room and adds a warm glow.

  • Use LED portable canisters or puck lights to add concentrated light to drawers.
  • These lights can be battery powered, and they are triggered by switches, magnets or vibration.

 TIPS: Adding lights inside drawers means you can easily find items no matter the time of day.

Kitchen Cabinets
  • Under-cabinet lighting provides decorative and functional illumination in the kitchen.
  • LED strips are an excellent choice to create this look.

TIP: LED “tape lights” are easy to install and can even be cut to fit.

  • Use a combination of strips and recessed lighting to draw attention to specific areas of your closet.

DID YOU KNOW? Proper lighting can make it easier to distinguish true color and find exactly what you are looking for.

  • LED strips can be cut to size, providing back lighting to improve label readability in your pantry.

TIP: Place the LED strips so that light is cast from the top and front of the pantry area.

Bathroom Vanities
  • For optimal task lighting in the bathroom, position sconces beside the mirror. Choose 20W to 25W equivalent LED.

TIP: Avoid recessed lighting placed above the mirror, as it can cast undesirable shadows.

Office Desk
  • Use a desk lamp with a 60W bulb equivalent and soft ambient lighting overheat for the ultimate reading and working sanctuary.

TIP: Keep the light in your office no brighter than your computer screen to prevent eye fatigue.

Seating Area
  • Cooler operating temperatures of LED lights can increase safety when placed near upholstered seats.
  • When placed behind couches or seating areas, LED lights can direct attention to your lounge area.

TIP: An LED bar can easily be placed behind furniture or decor to provide an unexpected pop of light.

Wall & Art Decor
  • Track lighting is the most flexible way to highlight wall art and any decor.
  • Spotlight favorite pieces with battery-powered light fixtures designed to attach to a photo frame or canvas.

TIP: Accent lighting should be three times brighter than the rest of the room.

DID YOU KNOW? LED lights are preferred for showcasing highly valuable art, because they emit less heat and don’t produce ultraviolet or infrared light. 

  • Replace dull yellow lighting with LED lights to enhance a bedroom’s color palette.

TIP: For night time reading, use a 50W to 60W equivalent bulb.

Property Exteriors
  • A solar LED landscape spotlight can illuminate specific areas of your property or landscaping. Along with being aesthetically pleasing, a spotlight serves as a bonus safety feature.
  • An LED floodlight is bright and powerful, with the ability to shed light on a large area – such as a walkaway and surrounding space – using only one bulb.

DID YOU KNOW? A floodlight equipped with a sensor will automatically turn on when any motion is detected outside your property. It’s a smart way to deter potential threats.

Garage or Carport
  • A canopy light feature can reduce energy in your garage or carport by more than 80%.

TIP: Install a canopy light with sensors for an added safety measure.

Track Lights
  • Track lighting allows for limitless configurations.
  • Versatile systems support a variety of fixtures in different quantities.
  • Track lighting directs illumination exactly where you need it.

TIP: To calculate how much wattage your room need:

Room length in feet X Room width in feet = Total area X 1.5

  • Use recessed or surface-mount lights with a watertight globe to keep moisture out.

TIP: For a 2-in-1 solution, try an LED shower-head. Some even provide different colored-light for a luxurious shower experience.

Ceiling Fans
  • LED lights fit most ceiling fans and lighting fixtures.

TIP: Because LED lights emit less heat than incandescent bulbs, they are the perfect option to help keep the room cool.

  • Use LED bulbs to saturate the area behind the headboard with a warm glow or even a color-changing light.
  • LED lighting under a bed can provide a cozy atmosphere and serve as a functional night light.

TIP: Adding dimmers in the bedroom is a great way to create a relaxing ambiance.

LED Chandeliers
Find the right LED chandelier match for your home.

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